The Only App You Will Ever Need To Convert Documents

PDF Converter Ultimate

The Only App You Will Ever Need To Convert Documents

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a widely accepted file format which is used in almost every profession and by many people. It is considered to be the most popular file format in the world and there are plenty of reasons for that. We will mention only a few, but you will get the point. So, why is PDF used so much?

First of all, it uses some smart compression algorithms which allow PDFs to be small in size meaning they are perfect for sharing with other people, unlike its biggest rival JPEG. In addition to that, they are OS independent which means that PDFs will look exactly the same no matter the operating system they are viewed on. All the hyperlinks, images and text that are embedded within the document will be preserved and properly presented.

These are all small reasons, but the main one is the security of a PDF document. They are one of the most secure document file formats available to the broader audience free of charge. They can be password protected and they are very hard to tamper with. We could say that it is almost impossible to edit a PDF, well unless you are using some of the powerful PDF converter programs. Those programs can basically convert PDFs into an editable file format in a matter of seconds.

Despite giving quality conversion results, desktop programs are usually very expensive and can only work on your computers.  What if you only convert documents periodically and you just don’t want to pay as much? Well, you would be happy to hear that there are various mobile apps available on the market and we are going to introduce you to one of the best converter apps.

PDF Converter Ultimate is a lightweight desktop grade mobile converter application which is available both for iOSand Androiddevices. It can convert PDF to more than 20 popular file formats and vice versa. The app is pretty simple to use and the whole process of the conversion is straightforward.

How can you convert PDFs using PDF Converter Ultimate mobile app?

  1. Download PDF Converter Ultimate from the App Store

Type “PDF Converter Ultimate” in the search bar of the App Store and tap the download button.


2.Open the app and find the file you want to convert

Once the installation is complete, find the app, open it and select the file you want to convert. You can select files from Gmail, supported cloud services or directly from your phone.


3.Choose the conversion type

There are many conversion types you can choose from, such as Microsoft Office files, Microsoft Publisher (.pub), XPS files and more. Select the one you want and continue to the last step.


4.Wait for the file to upload and convert

The whole conversion process shouldn’t take more than 60 seconds and it only depends on the file size you are uploading. The app needs to be open during the uploading period, and when it is complete you can close the app in order to save your battery. Notification will pop-up on your screen when the conversion is completed.

And you are done! It only took a few minutes of your time and 4 simple steps. The best thing to do now is to open the file in the desired text editing app like MS Word and start editing it.

At the end of the day, the only thing that counts are good results, and this app provides exactly that. In case you often convert documents or you travel a lot, PDF Converter Ultimateis a perfect choice for you. In other occasions, we would suggest using desktop conversion software.

Written by Sandra Rodgers

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