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Intego Security Alert: Beware — Mac Malware on the Rise

Security Alert

Beware: Mac Malware on the Rise — What You Need to Know

Only 3 months into 2018 and we’ve identified an unusual uptick in new malware targeting Macs, including three distinct families of remote access tools (RATs) to be aware of:

OSX/Coldroot: This newly detected RAT can spy on users by logging their keystrokes, capturing screenshots or keeping track of apps in use. It may also delete files or download additional malware based on instructions received from its command-and-control server. Learn more…

CrossRAT: Cross-platform Java software designed to infect Macs, Windows, and Linux systems. This RAT is associated with Dark Caracal, a global cyber-espionage campaign believed to have nation-state backing. Learn more…

EvilOSX: First discovered in May 2017, its February 2018 variant may have been flagged after the detection of OSX/Coldroot prompted further investigation into Mac RATs. Among other things, the new version can steal your browser history and passwords, or spy on you through your webcam. Learn more…

Seen a “Flash Player update” popup recently?
Caution — it might be a fake:

OSX/Shlayer: Though not a RAT, Intego malware researchers uncovered multiple variants of new Mac malware showcasing an interesting new twist on a classic malware attack in order to install adware on infected Macs. What’s unusual is that it leverages code-signed shell scripts to do its dirty work. Learn more…

How to Protect Yourself

Intego VirusBarrier customers can update your malware definitions by using NetUpdate. Need help? Find out how to use NetUpdate.

In addition, here are some simple everyday tips to help you keep your Mac protected:

1. Only download software from the official source.
2. Make sure the official source of your software has a good reputation.
3. Keep your operating systems and applications up-to-date.
4. Stay safe when connected to Wi-Fi network that are not your own.
5. Implement a solid backup strategy to keep your data safe.

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